Personal Assistance during self isolation and quarantine for coronavirus COVID-19

Si Lifestyle Managers & Personal Concierge have been assisting people in Melbourne with health issues since 2016.  We are proficient in making sure life continues to run as smoothly as possible while clients are unable to go about their usual daily business to run their personal lives.  During self isolation and self quarantine for coronavirus – COVID-19 – you or someone you care about might need the services of a trustworthy and professional individual to take care of tasks other than shopping for food and medications.  While we will always offer those services, we go beyond this and can take of any of your usual responsibilities.

Examples of tasks we undertake include:

  • Hand deliver any confidential documents
  • Sorting out insurance claims, wading through paperwork, dealing with health insurance providers, government departments etc
  • Act as your liaison for personal or business matters
  • Be your personal project manager
  • Organise prepared food to be delivered to your home
  • Run errands such as:
    • Making returns of online purchases
    • Going to the post office, dry cleaners and organise laundry
    • Do all your shopping including groceries and items from open specialty shops

We treat all our clients with the utmost respect and care and all work carried out is strictly confidential.  We are always mindful of your situation and take every precaution possible to ensure your safety and well-being.

Please phone or text Samantha on 0499 294 711 or email her at and tell her what you need.