Services of Si Lifestyle Managers and Personal Concierge

Si Lifestyle Managers and Personal Concierge offers services which help people to manage their daily business and personal lives while they are recuperating or suffering from any type of physical or mental health issues.  Some typical services include:

  • Looking after all personal administration:
    • Medicare and health insurance claims;
    • Paying bills;
    • Organising passports;
    • Help with applications for Government funding;
    • Other complex and diverse tasks.
  • Managing medication and appointments with doctors and specialists.
  • Taking on all the client’s usual personal responsibilities like looking after elderly parents or children, community commitments or looking after any business matters.
  • Managing personal projects.
  • Complete relocation service.
  • Finding the right home care providers to look after all the usual daily tasks from running a home (cleaning, washing & ironing, shopping, meal preparation, gardening and pet care) to personal grooming and general personal care.
  • Personally performing any of these daily tasks if preferred.
  • Running errands.
  • Taking clients to and from appointments, or wherever they would like to go.
  • Acting as a liaison for the client.
  • Working through a To Do List.
  • Finding and implementing the best solutions to problems.

Si is your private, personal assistant for any and every task you need done.

(The video below will give you a more comprehensive list of services)

Si Lifestyle Managers and Personal Concierge will provide you with a service which is:

  • Completely focused on you
  • Customised in every aspect
  • Completely confidential, professional and discreet
  • Attentive to every detail
  • Compassionate for your situation